2015 Update

And after almost 6 months without an update, here I am. /lolz

Anyway, just wanted to make a little update and to fix some things about this blog.

I know, I've been a total lazy ass to keep this blog alive. I thought I'd make something fun that I'd keep updated pretty often but the result is here : I failed completely. 2014 has been a pretty tough and difficult year for me and I completely lost any motivation to post articles in here. I thought I'd make the Fall tag, it didn't go up. I thought I'd make another haul posts; they didn't go up either.

Little by little I started to lose interest in this. Also since I'm not someone with a shit ton of viewers I mostly keep this updated for me.
So I thought about something. First : I'll stop making promises about "I'll post that kind of stuff later", I think I pretty much noticed that I'll post whenever I'll feel like it. Second, I'll stop making those trimester hauls since I really don't buy that much on a monthly basis so I'd have nothing to share, haha.

But on the other hand, I'm thinking of just making simple posts, talking about stuff that I enjoy. Since I mostly post about random things on Twitter I don't think about uploading here but... Hey, at least, I'm not limited to 140 characters with this blog, haha.

So yeah ! That's pretty much to it, I'll be back soon since there is a game I really want to talk about.

Bye !


2014 second trimester Haul

Whoaaaa, finally !
Yes, as you probably noticed, I totally AM a lazy bum, and I give you this article like 2 months later. But better later than never, amiright 8D
And yes I remember what I bought since March, I have a little notebook where I write some ideas for the blog.

Sooooo ! For now let's get started with the clothing :)

Alright, here is some Forever 21 and H&M shopping. For the F21 part, I got this pretty floral printed legging and this pair of sunglasses. The legging is super soft and the pattern is adorable ! I also got this beige oversized tshirt, pretty comfortable as well (but a lil' bit see-thru... meh that's fine).
For the H&M part, I got this leopard printed cardigan and shoes (leo lover here m'kay) and this adorable black and white scarf. I'm in love with the scarf, it's fluffy and nice and awww <3 (what a nice comment eh)

Another Forever 21 shopping with these 2 pairs of shoes, I absolutely love them <3 Yes I love buckles on shoes, I love when there is silver or gold with black, and I love how I look with it ! I can't wait to wear these babies again, when it's summer I avoid wearing shoes that will make my feet too hot (well since it feels more like autumn outside than summer now...)

And finally the beauty products !
Let's start with Kiko. I got this blue nail polish, a brown-bronze eyeshadow, a black pen liner (the usual I get) and a gel liner with a brush. I haven't tried using gel liner before, I can say that this pretty convenient and it makes my line very black ! Now that I think of it, I don't have a good brush for that, I should've got the other one (if you use gel liner you know what I'm talking about).

Next is a mix of different stuffs. From left to right, we have my favourite of all time aka the Herome nail hardener, a mint Sinful Color nail polish, 2 Sephora eye pencil (in brown and shimmery champagne), 2 eye shadows from Yves Rocher (a grey-taupe one and a champagne one), a Dior peach-coral lipstick, and 2 body scrubs from Yves Rocher, a starwberry one and an apricot one.
I'm currently wearing the SC nail polish and it's actually a bit shimmery, which makes it pretty nice in the sunlight :D The dior lipstick is a bit shimmery too. And the smell is oh <3 so yummy ! And let me tell you something, if you have poor nails, if they break easily, if you're dying to let them grow but you can't, well just use this nail hardener. It's amazeballs. Before I had bad nails, I couldn't let them grow too much but now they're stronger and they don't break that much ! I used to get the Mavala one but it had absolutely no effect on me.

Alright, that is all ! I'm sorry for being late for this but yeah, forever lazy \o/ Also I had to deal with some stuff (again) and I got sick few times so... Meh.
For the fun news I'm gonna start taking code and driving lessons now ! I want to get a driving license so I can drive in some cool places :D

Thanks for reading and I shall see you soon !



Hey guys ! Yes I totally didn't keep my promise, I haven't made a 2nd trimester haul post yet BUT it will be ready very soon and if I'm not too much of a lazy bum it should be uploaded later this week ! Woohoo !
Anyway, today I'm back with the TMI tag. A bunch of youtubers have done it already; since I don't own a Youtube channel (I would if I had the guts to film myself and talk to a camera D: ) this is the written version.
Okay, let's get started !

1. What are you wearing ? Right now I'm wearing a white t-shirt with a purple-pink-cosmos style skull on it, and my pyjama pants.
2. Ever been in love ? Yes.
3. Ever had a terrible breakup ? I feel like all my breakups went bad, lol !
4. How tall are you ? I'm 157cm (or if you're 'murican, 5'2).
5. How much do you weigh ? Haha, it's a secret :)
6. Any tattoos ? Yes, a star on each of my thighs and a little wing next to my right shoulder.
7. Any piercings ? Yup, my lobes are pierced since I was 3 and add to that 2 helix and 1 more lobe on my left ear. I used to have 3 helix but the last one never healed well so I took it off few months ago.
8. OTP ? Hmmm... I don't really have one... Usually I ship myself with someone xD;
9. Favorite show ? For sure, Running Man !
10. Favorite bands ? Hmm I'd say Bigbang, Buck-Tick, Ellegarden, Falling in Reverse, 2NE1, girugamesh, uh uh I don't know what to add...
11. Something you miss ? Some moments from the past.
12. Favorite song ? I don't have one favorite song... Let's say Without You by CMA, Crooked by G-Dragon, Hit me by Klaypex, Ringa Linga by Taeyang, Earthquakes and Sharks by Brandtson, All new materials by Periphery, and that's enough for this answer.
13. How old are you ? I'm 25, will be turning 26 in exactly 3 months !
14. Zodiac sign ? Scorpio.
15. Quality you look for in a partner ? Sincerity and honesty. I've known too much liars in my life ha
16. Favorite quote ? I don't really live by quotes, but I like this one : "Follow your dreams, not people".
17. Favorite actor ? Johnny Depp.
18. Favorite color ? Black, red, blue and green.
19. Loud music or soft ? It depends on my mood but most of the time I enjoy my music soft.
20. Where do you go when you're sad ? My bed, or I try to walk to a quiet place to feel at peace.
21. How long does it take you to shower ? It depends if I wash my hair or not, but let's say on average 10 to 15mn (it depends if I do scrubs, if I shave etc), and from 15 to 20mn if I wash my hair.
22. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning ? If I do my hair well and my makeup, it takes me about 30mn. Less if I do just my hair (if I'm staying home).
23. Ever been in a physical fight ? No but I already tried to punch an ex, few years ago xD
24. Turn on ? Deep voices, warm smiles, deep eyes... Heh.
25. Turn off ? Chest/back hair and bad smells.
26. The reason I joined Youtube ? Well, I don't have a YT channel so let's skip this question shall we.
27. Fears ? Spiders, insects in general, heights and death.
28. Last thing that made you cry ? Uh, some black thoughts I'd say.
29. Last time you said you loved someone ? Long long time ago !
30. Meaning behind your Youtube name ? Let's change by blog name, I was lacking of ideas for a blog name so I decided to look around me if some stuff carry some cool words... And I found a nail polish from MUFE in the collection Black Tango. And the xo because eh why not.
31. Last book you read ? Dreamcatcher by Stephen King.
32. The book you're currently reading ? I'm not reading anything for the moment !
33. Last show you watched ? Running Man (yes, again).
34. Last person you talked to ? My dad.
35. The relationship between you and the last person you texted ? Friends from uni.
36. Favorite food ? Ohhh I CAN'T pick one !! I have too much in mind : takoyaki, ddeokbokki, pesto, pizza, pasta, mangoes, sushi, ramen, aahh what else !
37. Place you want to visit ? South Korea, Canada, California, New Caledonia and Finland.
38. Last place you were ? In the woods for a nice refreshing walk.
39. Do you have a crush ? Yes, on korean male idols that I'll never meet xD Kim Jong Kook is my n°1 crush for the moment.
40. Last time you kissed someone ? Uh... In a club in Japan xD;
41. Last time you were insulted ? Few months ago...
42. Favorite flavor of sweet ? Chocolate and strawberry.
43. What instruments do you play ? I have a bass at home, I used to learn some stuff on it but I totally forgot all of it... Also I wish I could play some cool stuff on the guitar.
44. Favorite piece of jewelry ? I have this necklace with a little silver feather and turquoise stone, I absolutely love it ♥
45. Last sport you played ? Is working out considered a sport ? Then that's my answer.
46. Last song you sang ? I tried to sing Eyes, Nose, Lips from Taeyang but uh my voice...
47. Favorite chat up line ? None.
48. Have you ever used it ? Well, nope, since I don't have any !
49. Last time you hung out with anyone ? Last week, with a friend.

All right, that's it ! Thank you for reading and I'll see you next time for the 2nd trimester haul :D


Korean skincare haul

Woohoo ! It's been an eternity, right ? My apologies. I was dealing through some annoying stuff, but now I'm back !
Recently I wanted to try some asian (korean, japanese mostly) skincare products, especially the sheet masks, since I can't find it anywhere here - well, I guess they don't sell it in France.
I tried the website malilibulle.com (a French one, I hesitated between Yesasia and this one) and I bought some pretty cool stuffz. Here are the babies !

They're all from Korea except one which is from Taiwan. Let's start (from left to right and top to bottom) :

ETUDE HOUSE Black Charcoal skin patch : just a regular skin patch (to remove dem nasty black heads, ew). It smells pretty nice ! And yes, it is all black. Bought 2 of these, I tried one only.

ETUDE HOUSE Happy Teatime Cleasing foam : ok guys, this product made my skin looking so good ! The one I used to use before kinda makes my skin dry after I wash my face even after applying moisturizer, which caused my skin to make some flakes on my upper cheeks and nose, as if it was super dry. But this one, guuuuurl, this one leaves my skin so smooth ! It also smells pretty nice, it is a combination of aloe and green tea. Gives a good cleansing and leaves a good smell on my face. I think I need another one very soon xD

MIZON Green Tea body wash : my skin does not only break out on my face but also on my chest and on my back, and the heat makes it even worse. This body wash helps regulating your skin especially if it's oily (totally my type of skin). It smells very good too (the smell lasts pretty long !) and leaves my skin nice and clean after the shower.

ETUDE HOUSE Skin Note face mask : a sheet mask, this one is supposed to reduce your pores, and it is made with clay and apple. I haven't tried this one yet !

ETUDE HOUSE It's Real pack kit : this is a kit of 3 mini face masks. Sweet pumpkin : lifting care, carrot : brightening care, sea kelp : moisturizing care. Haven't tried them yet.

ETUDE HOUSE Silk Scarf Damage hair pack + hair serum : I bought 2 of these, the argan seed one (hair repair) and the camellia seed one (for hydrated and shiny hair). I only tried the argan seed one for now, and omg. OMG. My hair was soooo soft and nice and amazing ! Incredible. So first you apply the hair mask after washing your hair (like a regular hair mask), and after washing and brushed it, apply the hair serum (like a thick cream; I was afraid that it would leave an "oily" feel but nothing), actually with my hair length I had enough serum to use it 2-3 days after. The smell is also amazing. I wonder if Etude House sells bottles of this hair serum, I need it !

ETUDE HOUSE Don't Worry tinted lipbalm : this one looks more like a lipbalm than a lipstick for me. But anyway, I got the yellow one (mango ? Peach ? I don't remember) which tint your lips in a nice peach pink color. The smell is amazing *_*.

MY BEAUTY DIARY Light Me Up ! Intensive brightening mask : this one should clarify and hydrates your skin. I haven't tried it yet. By the way this one is the taiwanese one !

INNISFREE It's Real face masks : yup, I got 5 ones xD So far I've been using 3 of them : gold kiwi (hydrates and anti dullness), adlay (cleansing and exfoliates) and bija (energising and cleansing). The ones left are the pomegranate (firmness (?) and brighteness) and the green tea (hydrates and antioxidant). These ones are pretty nice !! I feel like my face is too small for the masks haha, but they are really good. My skin is really nicely hydrated and the smell is amazing ! I really love these ones. Very nice, I'm looking forward to try the other ones :)

Alright, that's all ! I'm pretty satisfied with these products. I also got some samples, a clay mask, a moisturizing mask (that you should apply before sleeping), a cleaning oil (to remove make up I suppose) from Etude House and a cream for sensitive skin from Innisfree. I only tried the clay mask, which a light green one (almost white), which is also pretty good ! I should move to Korea to get all these nice products everyday haha. They work better than the ones I find here and they're also cheaper !! Wtf is this.
I regret a lot that I haven't thought of buying some skincare stuff when I was in Japan, I only bought a conditioner because I forgot to take mine (I only brought my shampoo lol), and that one is pretty nice too !
Europe, please take a good example on those asian products D8

That's it for today, I'm sorry that I didn't update for a while ! I'm also working on changing the banner. For a refreshing style ^^ But I should take some time... I still haven't installed all my fonts and photoshop stuffz since I got this laptop (lazybutt here). Also I should be back very soon for the 2014 second trimester haul !

See ya ! :)


2014 First trimester Haul !

...My apologies for the weird title of this post. Lol

So hey guys, we're now in March, spring just started and I wanted to show you the stuff that I've bought since the beginning of this year. I think I'm gonna do some "trimester hauls", because lately I haven't been buying a lot of stuff on a monthly basis so yeah.

Let's get started with the clothes !

This is my first time shopping at The Kooples, and I should say I enjoy their stuffz ! This black/grey tshirt with touches of red has flowers on it, lookin' gorgeous amirite ? Also the fabric is very soft and not too thick, perfect for a warm weather. I also got this pretty (kinda see thru, lol) tank top, look at the design on the front, GORGEOUS ! It has skulls, flowers and branches, I love everything that is skulls and flowers. Also there was 50% off so I jumped on that baby when I saw it, haha.

And now, Kenzo. This sweater is just amazing, okay. It is super soft, very warm and absolutely comfortable; also should I mention the pretty pattern ? Yup, flowers, again. But hey, this is Kenzo, this has flowers, so this is flower by Kenzo ! *rolls on the floor and jump off the window*
Ahem. My apologies for that lame joke. But let's move on the cap, yes, a cap. It's my first time buying a cap but doesn't it look pretty ? The colors makes it very spring/summer-ish, I think I'm gonna enjoy wearing it this summer !
One thing that I'm a bit sad about, because here in Northern France we didn't get a proper winter (temperatures around 10°C these past 3 months, it's ridiculous), I could wear the sweater one time only... :'(

Woop, woop, Forever 21 ! Okay guys, this top is the perfection. Why ? Because it is black, it is loose, the cut is wonderful and it's super comfy. Simple, but good. No need to say more.
Let's move onto the scarf, as you may wanna know I'm a scarf lover and this one gave me little hearts in my eyes when I saw it. The peachy beige color is perfect with the flowers on each side, which makes it perfect to wear for this spring/summer. Also, yes, flowers.

Well... Yeah, I'm a VIP, so yeah. And also, why not ? xD

And now, the beauty products !
From left to right, top to bottom :

It's been a while since last time I bought a new perfume (I always stick to my fav ones, such as Flower by Kenzo -again-, Loverdose from Diesel or Escada), but this one, oooooh baby. This one is on my top favorites EVER. Let me introduce you Miss Dior, from Dior (duh). The smell is amazing, very different from what I'm used to wear, but it is perfect for me.
If you read one of the first posts I wrote, you may know that I'm addicted to nail polishes. And here are my 2 new babies from Chanel ! A gorgeous metallic blue, and a sparkly-shiny-dark purple, wonderful. These are high quality, and I love them.
Next is the Touche Eclat Radiant Touch from YSL (or Yves Saint Laurent for the complete name), collector edition : the pen is golden leopard ! I absolutely LOVE leopard prints, so I fell in love with that pen. Also I love it to cover my dark circles, it brings light to my face and it covers pretty well ! Worth it for the price, lol.
For the lips I have the Baby Lips colored lipbalms, in peach and pink. The smell is awesome, and it gives good moisture for the lips. I love it <3
And the last I got from Kiko : first a concealer. Yup I know I already have the YSL one, but as this one isn't as "light" as the YSL one, I use this one to cover my imperfections, or to primer my eyelids before using eyeshadow. Pretty good ! And for the last, a foundation. I used to have the Sephora one but I wanted to try this brand, and I'm pretty satisfied !

Alright, that's it for my haul !
I'm sorry for the lack of updates but I've been pretty meh and lazy. Also I changed my laptop, hello Windows 8...
I've also been thinking of changing the layout of this blog, but I'd have to reinstall Photoshop, argh ;;

Anyway. See you later !